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At the beach… yet in the mountains

South-Tyroleans may be unpretentious, but nature around here most certainly isn’t! Don’t believe me? Then take a day trip to The Gardens of the Trauttmansdorff Castle in Merano.

As the seasons change, so do the scents and colours: daffodils, hyacinths, crown imperials, English roses, oleander, silk trees, Japanese flowering cherries, rhododendrons, and periwinkles – to name only a few! A true symphony of colour and scents. It feels like a daydream, but this ocean of blossoms becomes a kaleidoscopic reality while you light-footedly stroll through the gardens. In the background you can hear a harmonic hum, almost like an archaic poem that is spoken in the language of the diligent insects. Driven by their natural impulse, they float from calyx to calyx and fulfill their meticulous opus. Your feet will move on their own in this sensuous place. You will sway around this ocean of colour and poetry as if in a trance. Without noticing, you may end up on a narrow path that leads you past vertically blooming loam walls and further on to the un- known. Red valerians, bell flowers, asters and various grasses grace the lively flower-beds. Stroll past hydrangeas and elegantly slim serpentine paths that lead upwards and suddenly you find yourself on a palm beach. It is not at all hard to lose yourself in tropical dreams when you look around this almost surreal maritime setting. It is the overture for a multidimensional and sensory experience. Feather- and fan palms teeter in the wind and are caressed by the soft breeze. From this seat in a box and sur- rounded by snow covered, 3000 m high mountain peaks, you can forget about the world without any effort. You can be in the here and now, in the mountains and by the sea…

The palm beach in the gardens of Schloss Trauttmansdorff

The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff:
facts & numbers

• 12 hectare
• 80 garden landscapes
• 4 “theme worlds”
– Forests of the World
– The Sun Gardens
– The Water
– and Terrace Gardens
– Landscapes of South Tyrol
• 7 km of paths through the gardens
• 10 artist pavilions
• 10 experience stations