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On the path to happiness

In a period marked by concerns related to the current crisis, photographer Alexander Tempel has embarked on a journey for which there are no maps or directions to follow, towards a destination that does not show up on any navigator. In the Alps, far from urban life, he sets out in search of people who have achieved inner happiness and feel satisfied with their life. He also made some interesting encounters in South Tyrol.

The ingredients of contentment

“You have to express your wishes aloud, so they will have more power.” Ulli Kofler

For the past 25 years, Ulli Kofler has run, a mountain hut in Avelengo where she found her inner balance. She knows what is important: health, good friends, nature, peace, and time for herself. Ulli says to keep “energy-stealers” at a distance, meaning negative people. Her strategy: be clear about your goals and work in that direction. The universe will offer you the right answers.

Making dumplings: Ulli puts her heart into everything she does.

Meditation: the calming foundation for Ulli.

From paraglider to farmer

“When you love your job, you do it willingly and overcome obstacles more easily.” David Perathoner

For 17 years, David Perathoner worked for a sporting goods company and as a paraglider tester. One day he decided to leave that life behind – he bought 17 goats, without even knowing what to do with them. Today, David is a full-fledged breeder. Daily milking is a sort of meditation for him. He works even more than before, but David considers it more like a hobby: he no longer thinks, “I have to” but “I want to”.

In a dream location: the barn with “wellness area for goats” in Laion.

The goat-whisperer: David spends a lot of time with his goats, caresses them, talks to them.

Nature as a vital elixir

“I always use my hands, so I feel the ingredients better.” Elisabeth Mittelberger

At sixteen, Elisabeth Mittelberger dreamed of a career as a chef and began as an apprentice in a starred kitchen. Today she owns an organic farm. For her, the key to inner happiness lies in nature. To her, true paradise is her farm at Verano/Monzoccolo.

Colorful salads and other genuine products from the farm.

Green all the way: Elisabeth grows edible plants almost exclusively.