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Summer Spots

Majestic peaks, ancient ravines, alpine meadows overgrown with wild flowers and crystal clear lakes: South Tyrol’s mountainscapes are full of world famous photo motifs. The South Tyrolean authors Judith Niederwanger and Alexander Pichler – also known as the “Roter Rucksack” (‘red backpack’) duo throughout the internet – went out to explored their homeland. We will present five of their most beautiful summer hotspots for you here.

Must see

The loop trail to one of the biggest alpine lake groups of South Tyrol is a challenging but worthwhile day hike into the heart of the Gruppo Tessa mountain range. You best have a lot of stamina, be footsure and vertigo free for this hike.

Duration: 6 h
Distance: 14,2 km
Start: Cable car Velloi/Lagundo

Gaze into the abyss

At the rear end of the Martelltal valley you will find the Plimaschlucht gorge. Watch the snowmelt from the Zufallsspitze glacier tumble down the valley: it is ruggedly picturesque and absolutely fascinating. A couple of steel structures have been built in order to safely enjoy this natural spectacle.

Duration: 2 h
Distance: 5 km
Start: Park your car at the end of Val Martello

Welcome to the jungle

The Rastenbachklamm gorge between Altenburg and the Caldaro lake is an exciting adventure walk in nature for the entire family. The path leads you over bridges, some vertigo-inducing iron steps, a waterfall, a hanging bridge and all the way to a panoramic platform with amazing views over Caldaro. The special microclimate here is home to glorious ferns and lush green moss. A true jungle feeling is guaranteed!

Duration: 2,45 h
Distance: 6,8 km
Start: Church of S. Vigilio in Castelvecchio/Caldaro

All the world is green

Above the Ladin parish of Badia – Abtei im Gadertal there are two of the most beautiful flower meadows in the country: the Armentara-Wiesen meadows. At the feet of the mighty Heiligkreuzkofels you will find countless different types of colourful flowers bloom in the period between May and August. You won’t be able to get enough of this sight!

Duration: 3,30 h
Distance: 11,3 km
Start: Valley station of the cable car Santa Croce in Val Badia

Stone towers

This hike starts out easy enough and leads you to the Vajolet-Türme stone towers over a forest and gravel path. It passes the Gardecciahütte and leads to the Vajolet- and Preusshütte huts. After that it gets harder: Walk up the steep path with the help of the steel cables along the way and hike over the Vajolet-Türme stone towers. Once you reached the plateau you are rewarded with the most amazing view of these bizarre rock formations and the Rosengarten group.

Duration: 6 h
Distance: 13,2 km
Start: Parking at the cable car in Vigo di Fassa (TN)

Judith Niederwanger (1983) and Alexander Pichler (1984) have been a couple for over 10 years and share a passion for travelling, hiking and photography. They dared to go on a very big adventure back in 2015: a round-the-world-trip! For an entire year they were on the road and kept a journal of their experiences on the blog “Roter Rucksack” (‘red backpack’). Ever since they came back they have been spending their entire free time hiking and exploring the mountains. Two things they always bring along: their camera and their red backpack.