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Letizia Ragaglia


Since 2009 Letizia Ragaglia is the director of the “Museion”, the Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art in Bolzano. Prior to this she worked as a curator for national and inter- national institutions. In 2010 Ragaglia was a member of the jury for the 54th Venice Biennale.

Since there are so many sights, this is very hard to answer. I would recommend the documentary-exhibition in the victory monument. It gives an illuminating view to our reality.

I love to jog, that’s why the Guntschna Promenade, above Gries, is one of my favourite spots in Bolzano. By the way: my best work-related ideas come to me while running!

Green, like the many green areas. Blue, like the skies over Bolzano (at least most of the time). Yellow, like the sun and the special light that you only experience in South Tyrol.