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Alexander Craffonara

Welcome Insider:
Alexander Craffonara

Thirty year old Alexander is the 3rd generation managing the most mundane mountain hut in South Tyrol, the Club Moritzino on the Piz la Ila in Alta Badia. For the past 50 years stars and starlets have been rubbing elbows here, in summer and winter, while partying in front of the amazing scenery of the Dolomites.

The panorama, the cult hangouts, the “Enrosadira” – the unique natural spectacle that occurs when the sun is about to set and that paints the rock faces bright red.

The view of the Dolomites from the Piz la Ila. It stretches from Austria to the Marmolada and from the Heiligenkreuz peak to the Sellamassiv. This is heaven on earth!

That’s easy: “Cajinci”! They are typical Alta Badian ravioli, filled with spinach or potatos.