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In your face!

“From four eyes to trendsetter” – this could very well be the the innovative WooDone company’s slogan. A combination of wood and metal makes their new line, which is befittingly called “Metal Wood”, a must have for any spectacle enthusiast. Glasses are no longer just a visual aid, but a stylish accessory and a mirror to the wearer’s personality: Harry Potter and Johnny Depp are the best examples for this statement. WooDone produces this popular accessory with natural materials – thus perfectly melding sustainability with Italian style. Simply put: Everyone will find their new personal favourite pair of glasses amongst WooDone’s fashionable models. You would prefer wearing a unique specimen? WooDone has got you covered.

Either visit the WooDone showroom in Varna, or one of the 2.000 international associate opticians to find the latest special editions!