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Footwear with history

Three hours of manual labor go into one boot.

For more than ten years, Adriano Zorzi has been the exclusive shoe partner of the label “Luis Trenker”. The 55 year old manages the manufactory “Calzaturificio Tre Cime” in the small town of Altivole close to Montebellu- na in the province of Treviso. The region has been dubbed “the center for hiking shoes” since the end of the war. Stefano, Adriano’s oldest son, works in the company whenev- er he can. The 21-year old technical college student turns the ideas of Gionata Malagodi (head designer for “Luis Trenker”) and man- ager Michi Klemera into reality. Adriano him- self takes out a piece of calfskin from a pile and feels it in his hand. “This piece comes from Tuscany and has been tanned herbally”, he explains with a certain tone of pride in his voice. Gianni, the master of cuts, still cuts the leather by hand. “We produce our shoes the old school way. The vamp and sole are sewn together with an elaborate lap-felled seam.
That’s exactly the style Luis Trenker loved”, he tells us. Most shoemakers do without this method, but that is out of the question for the Zorzi family. This tradition will prevail in their company. Klemera is really happy about this as well: What could fit “Luis Trenker” better than an old production method that is adapt- ed to modern needs? Three hours of mostly manual labor are put into a pair of boots from the BERG collection. Each piece is extremely functional and also stylish. It doesn’t matter if you’re heading to the champagne-bar or go on a shopping spree, they look great in any situa- tion. This is where the circle of the alpinist and film director Luis Trenker closes: he always crossed borders with his desire of freedom. “He used to wear his hobnailed hiking boots to the marble saloons of the high society. He just did his thing”, Klemera says with a cheeky smile. He also makes a clear statement with his fashion – and that’s what it is all about. Then and now.