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Welcome Magazine

The Magazine for South Tyrol lovers


With the Welcome Magazine, you hold a piece of South Tyrol in your hands. The country’s only trilingual premium magazine appears twice a year (summer/winter) and spreads South Tyrolean joie de vivre in a light-hearted way – with great pictures and reports, interviews, insider tips and other inspiring texts.

The Welcome Magazine is available in selected hotels (four to five stars), gastronomy facilities, beauty salons and golf clubs. Personalised editions can also be produced on request, making them a very special business card for every customer.

The online magazine

… complements the printed edition and contains interesting content on the country and its people as well as the latest lifestyle reports on fashion, design and enjoyment.

The editorial team

Martina Bocek

Wishes for 48-hour days and loves to write cool stories about people. Her spiritual alter ego feels most comfortable on the yoga mat.

Sara Musci

Whether it’s the sea or the mountains, she has it all in her blood. Always on the lookout for new adventures and unforgettable moments.

Sara Penasa

When she’s not sitting in front of the computer, she’s climbing mountain peaks with her faithful border collie. She also loves everything that is handmade.

Linda Pizzini

Between hobby or work-related keyboard tapping, you can often hear the rattling of her sewing machine at home. Otherwise, she can be found enjoying time with her family.

Katharina Weiss

Is convinced that you can change the world with stories. She also loves cats, Harry Potter and rainy days – preferably all together.

Christiane Weinhold

Loves to inspire, touch and motivate people – as a journalist and coach. Besides that, she loves her family, nature and yoga.

The sales team

Delia Müller

Her favourite place to be is on her customers’ premises and she is always coming up with new creative advertising ideas. She likes to find new inspiration for this at her second home, Lake Garda.

T. +39 348 3167202

Tanja Götsch

She grew up in the hotel industry and has now found her way into the Sales team. She loves good food, deep conversations with friends and her performances at fashion shows.

T. +39 375 7903785

Daniel Schnitzer

Digital is his world. However, he also loves high-quality print products and, as a freelancer, does a lot of travelling. He particularly likes to switch off on the mountain and during sport.

T. +39 351 3305671

Alex Hütter

Loves his varied field of activities in the hotel industry as a freelancer and also enjoys travelling internationally. He enjoys the good life and socialising.

T. +39 340 6985030
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